Build Your Own Brunch

Build your own brunch


Pick 2 options:


-Eggs any style  (your choice)

-Miniature Quiches or frittata

-Herbed scrambled eggs with cheese

-Smoked salmon plate with cream cheese,red onion ,chopped boiled eggs,capers and lemon             juice

-Pancake, waffles with fruit and condiment

-Eggs Benedict

-French toast with berries

-Bacon or chicken apple sausage

-Breakfast taco bar

-Biscuits and gravy


Included in brunch


-Muffins/ coffee cake or biscuits

-Bagel and bread with butter

-Carved fruit salad or carved fruit platter

-Yogurt parfait

-Breakfast potatoes with roasted bell peppers and caramelized onions

-Coffee and tea (no alcohol)